What's covered?

Cyber Risk Liability

If you suffer a cyber attack or a data breach this may have a negative effect on others. The policy will pay for defence costs and compensation that you are to provide to the affected.

Online Media Liability

If a hacker defaces your website which results in damaging another person's/company's reputation, this policy will pay for defence costs and compensation you are liable to provide to the affected person/company.

Business Interruption

Your IT network is at the core of your business, without it can you continue to service your clients? This policy will reimburse you for loss of income and incurred expenses if your network becomes unavailable due to a cyber attack.

Bricking and Data Restoration

Data is one of the most important assets to a company, this policy pays to recover data that has been destroyed or compromised by a cyber attack.

Cyber Extortion

Ransomware can not only bring your IT system to a standstill but can also be a difficult situation to handle, who are the extortionists and can you pay them the ransom? This policy provides you with access to expert support and advice helping you get your data and network back from the criminals.

Cyber Crime

Cyber criminals ultimately want to make money, hacking into your network and diverting payments is one of the most common attacks we see. This policy reimburses you for theft of your money or property as a result of a cyber attack.

Data Breach Legal Costs, Forensic costs, Public Relations Costs, Credit Monitoring or Identity Costs

If you experience a data breach you will need a team of experts to help you understand what has happened, what regulations you have breached, if any, and help to ensure your reputation is maintained with your clients. This policy provides you with access to a breach response team who can project manage the response to a data breach incident.

Regulatory Defence and Penalty Costs

GDPR fines can be huge in the event of a data breach, however before even receiving a fine you would have to respond to an investigation request by the Information Commissioner’s Office. This policy will provide you expert support to respond to the investigation and, to the extent insurable by law, this policy pay the consequential fines.


If you are accepting payment card transactions you will have signed up to maintaining the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Should you experience a cyber attack to your network which results in a cyber criminal accessing the payment card information this policy will pay costs you become responsible for as a result of breaching the contract you signed with your merchant service bank and the payment card issuer.

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